The Black Box EP by Craft | 12″ 140g White Card Sleeve


Artist: Craft
Title: The Black Box EP
Release Date: 31st January 2020
Format: Vinyl

A. The Black Box
A2. The Enclosed Conquest
AA. Hypothesis
AA2. Hypothesis (Dorian Gray Remix)

Mastered @ Finalizer Mastering Studios
Artwork by Spectralband

Distributed by SRD / Proper Music Distribution

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Having previously included music by Edit Select, Subjected, Hironori Takahashi, Flug, TWR72 and a rare appearance from Modern Heads aka Dino Sabatini & Gianluca Meloni, this is another EP of quality underground techno.

The new release is by Craft, a US-based producer who lists labels such as LIMITED, Deepbass’ Informa and Freitag Limited amongst others in his back catalogue.
Also included is a remix by Italian Dorian Gray, known for appearances on Edit Select Records, Circular Limited, and The Gods Planet to name only a few.

“The Black Box” is an atmospheric journey through sparse audio design with a feeling of depth and wonder.

Second on the EP, “The Enclosed Conquest” has a warmer soul with delicate melodies and deep, droning textures.

“Hypothesis” harnesses a broken beat alight with pulsing energy and dreamscape tones that fill the track with wonder and bliss.

Closing the release is the Dorian Gray remix that reworks into a 4/4 beat, introducing harmonics and phasers to create a new spaced-out sound exploration.

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140g, White Card Sleeve

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