Endosphora Ep by Kryss Hypnowave | 12″ 180g Full Artwork Sleeve Vinyl



Artist: Kryss Hypnowave
Title: Endosphora EP
Release Date: 31 August 2015
Format: 12″ Vinyl

A1. Endosphora
A2. Anaerobi
AA. Endosphora (Edit-Select Remix)

Mastered @ Finalizer Mastering Studios
Artwork by CBT

Distributed by SRD / Proper Distribution


This is the labels first release and the original material is provided by Italian producer Kryss Hypnowave, which is the production alias of Christian Scalas. With a passion for sound manipulation and Techno he has a back catalogue of releases on labels including Android Muziq, Planet Rhythm, Subsist and PAR Recordings amongst others.

Fresh from his most recent release on Chris Liebing’s label CLR, the main remix on this release comes from Edit Select, who is a Glasgow, UK producer named Tony Scott. Previous releases have landed on Soma, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Ostgut Ton, Figure to Electric Deluxe. He has a big reputation and doesn’t disappoint with his remix here.

The EP’s opening track is “Endosphora” starting with the pulse of a tense TB303 line, brought to life with the atmospherics of dark and distant pads washed in reverb. You are instantly sucked into the hypnotic groove of the 303 and the spacious mix that’s lined with crisp hi-hats. FX sounds that crash like waves breaking on futuristic shores, like a whirlpool, the track builds in tenacity as it reaches its centre point. The underlying acid bassline morphs, twists and bubbles, whilst clap hits crack like lightning to complete the perfect storm.

Titled “Eksosporium” the second track opens with smooth ambient pads that set the scene, whilst the kick drum slowly fades in like a creeping assailant ready to attack. Slow building, yet not drawn out, things gradually develop and a pulsing lead synth slowly becomes the main focus. The modulating on the synth parts make the track feel like it’s a living organism, which moves majestic and slow like a hunter stalking prey. At its central point, the drums strip away and the pulse of the lead synth builds in intensity. When the drums swoop back in with a burst of dancefloor-friendly energy, the track reaches its crescendo, but things are not over as this chic monster continues to morph.

The Edit Select Remix of Endosphora is the third track and the last to feature on the vinyl version of the release, as tracks four and five are for digital download only. Keeping many of the original’s main features, his remix is focused on structure. Introducing the kick drum from the start, the remix follows a conventional structure filled with DJ appeal and on the dancefloor. Still dark and moody the atmospheric pads from the original are brought forward in the mix, and the building 303 bass line is pushed back behind the crashing FX sound. Streamlined and controlled this is intelligent deep techno at its finest and most breathtaking.

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Shrinkwrapped, 180g

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