Jack Have A Art EP by Alfred Kopke | 12″ 180g Full Artwork Sleeve Vinyl



Artist: Alfred Kopke
Title: Jack Have A Art EP
Release Date: 11 January 2016
Format: 12″ Vinyl

A1. Jack Have A Art
A2. Cindy Is A Cat
AA. Jack Have A Art (Subjected Tool)

Mastered @ Finalizer Mastering Studios
Artwork by CBT

Distributed by SRD / Proper Distribution

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Seance returns to follow up on the labels first release featuring Kryss Hypnowave, DJ Datch and Edit Select with another EP of quality underground Techno.

This time with original material from the talented Alfred Kopke aka Ivo Polónia. Based in Portugal, he also makes up one half of Quantic Spectroscopy and has had releases on his own Reaktivate label and Relapso.

Not only this but his latest project also underway is called AKR which stands for “Alfred Kopke Records.”

The release also features Subjected who to most Techno fans needs no introduction as a purveyor of quality audio. His dark and distinctly individual sound has helped him build an impressive back catalogue of releases, where his music has been featured on Electric Deluxe, Perc Trax, Sleaze Records, Affin and PoleGroup amongst many others. He also releases much of his own material through his own well-known Vault Series label.

Warren ‘Spectralband’ the Seance label boss himself makes his first appearance as the second remixer on the digital-only version of the release.

The EP’s title track “Jack Have A Art” is first on the release and sets a tone for things to come. Stabbing synths provide the drama, whilst a shuddering bass intermingles with the mechanical funk of the lead sound. Pushed forward by the boom of a powerful kick drum, the track is deep, dark and relentless.

Track two is “Cindy Is A Cat” which despite its name is far from being soft or fluffy, but like a cat, it has sharp teeth and claws ready to pounce. The rolling groove is filled with fast-flowing hi-hats that sit above an unnerving pad sound which washes like waves on a turbulent sea. Dancefloor focused and eerie this track takes no prisoners and hunts to kill.

The third track is the Subjected remix of “Jack Have A Art” and losing none of the originals dark energy, it’s more sinister with an added industrial edge. With a tortured lead sound reminiscent of a large creature in pain, it has a Sci-Fi influence that many will find appealing. Intense from start to finish this track is nothing less than peak time perfection.

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Shrinkwrapped, 180g, Full Artwork Sleeve

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