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Foggy, pulsating bass lines in a dreamy Industrial Sound.
You’re going deeper and deeper absorbed into Craft’s meditative Techno Sound. The new EP “The Black Box” could be classified in Atmospheric, Ambient Underground Techno. With the opener “The Enclosed Conquest” the EP is preluded with boomy bass textures, delicate melody phrases and sound surfaces which shine through stomping beats. Noise-Textures are flashing in the dark foggy sound, in each of the four tracks. “Hypothesis” conversely bursts with broken, syncopated beats and creates an experimental force. The subsequent Remix/Dorian Gray, in contrast, gets into act this with its straight attack. “The Black Box” is a technoid sound research, one like to indulge in – dreamily yet captivating. The EP reflects the cold, dark season, so close your eyes and wrap up warmly. 8/10

Thanks to for once again taking the time to support and review a Seance release. Edition 095 is in stores now, for more info and to subscribe please visit

SEANCELTD02 – The Black Box EP by Craft is in vinyl stores 31st Janaury

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