Craft ‘The Black Box EP’ [SEANCELTD02]

The new release is by Craft, a US-based producer who lists labels such as LIMITED, Deepbass’ Informa and Freitag Limited amongst others in his back catalogue.

Also included is a remix by Italian Dorian Gray known for appearances on Edit Select Records, Circular Limited, and The Gods Planet to name only a few.

The project started with the concept of hosting and performing warehouse events in the darkness. Dedicated to the legendary 407 warehouse in Bushwick.

“The Black Box” is an atmospheric journey through sparse audio design with a feeling of depth and wonder.

Second on the EP, “The Enclosed Conquest” has a warmer soul with delicate melodies and deep, droning textures.

Hypothesis” harnesses a broken beat alight with pulsing energy and dreamscape tones that fill the track with wonder and bliss.

Closing the release is the Dorian Gray remix that reworks into a 4/4 beat, introducing harmonics and phasers to create a new spaced out sound exploration…

Release Date: Friday 31st January 2020
Format: Digital & Vinyl

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Mastered @ Finalizer Mastering Studios
Artwork by Spectralband
Distributed by SRD / Proper Music Distribution

Early support from; Giorgio Gigli, Benjamin Damage, Kemmi Kamachi, Kris Wadsworth, Slam, ALPI, Electric Rescue, Franck Valat, Svreca, Anthony Jimenez, HD Substance, Booz, Ed Davenport, Submerge, John Osborn, A Thousand Details, H.Paul, Svarog, Kloves, Alex Dolby, Astronomical Telegram, Kyle Geiger, UBX127, Lady M, Sigha, Ness & more…

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