Renegade Hardware: Hidden Gems


Anybody remotely connected to Drum & Bass would have more than likely heard the news that after 20 years of running a successful record label and club events the team behind the seminal Renegade Hardware have decided to call it a day and stop putting on nights and releasing music.

Many people are saddened by this news as Hardware is a very respected label that has released some serious music over the years and launched the careers of many artists and promoted a style of music that was considerably harder and darker than the majority of the stuff other labels were putting out around that time.

The purpose of this post is not to give you an in depth history lesson as I’m sure over the years there have been many informative interviews with the crew that can fill you in on all you wish to know. There will also be lots of lists of people’s favourite Hardware releases however, there are many tunes that I feel get overlooked for the more well known and therefore decided to compile my own top 10 Hardware tracks (In no order of preference)

1. D.Kay – Zombie Nation [RH38]

D. Kay – Zombie Nation

2. DJ Ink – Kaos Theory [RH31]

DJ Ink – Kaos Theory

3. B-Key – Final Conflict [RH50]

B Key – Final Conflict

4. Spirit – Stone Cold [RH38]

Spirit – Stone Cold

5. Dom & Roland – Transmissions [RH14]

Dom & Roland – Transmissions

6. Loxy & Dylan – Land Of The Lost [RH30]

Loxy & Dylan – Death March

7. Future Cut – Recoil [RH38]

Future Cut – Recoil

8. Spirit – Sphinx [RH43]

Spirit – Sphinx

9. Usual Suspects – Hole Punch [RH17]

Usual Suspects – Hole Punch

10. Nemesis Feat. Kane – System [RH08]

Nemesis ft. Kane – System

Compiled by Spectralband

All tracks can be purchased from the Renegade Hardware Store