Digital Tunes: To Stock Seance Releases

Digital Tunes are set to be a new stockist of Seance digital releases as well as back catalogue…


United by a love of underground electronic music and spurred by a lack of dependable places to make their purchases online, software engineer William Coates and DJ Glenn Grip conceived the idea for their joint venture one chilly evening in Helsinki in 2006 while contemplating the future of deejaying.

Drawing on their individual talents and industry contacts, the entrepreneurial duo have since spent the best part of the last decade building a reputation as the go-to store for professional DJs to find the highest quality downloads in whatever form they fancy, with a unique policy of providing a single price for every format:

“This means a DJ can download a track in any and every format they fancy, be it WAV, FLAC or MP3, for the same price. We don’t want DJs to sacrifice on sound quality just to save a few cents with the MP3.”

With a strong focus on the electronic genre, Digital Tunes have developed an impressive database of music ranging from Dubstep and Drum & Bass to UK Funky and Garage, as well as the deeper sides of Techno and House, in order to appeal to their users’ eclectic tastes. Now, they’re embracing new advancements, including a recent move to accept Bitcoins – currently their third largest payment provider – and giving their store a much-needed makeover to deliver a beautifully re-engineered shopping experience.
The site had a re-launch in 2014 to boast a new digital browsing experience which closely emulates the much-loved feeling of flipping through vinyl at your local store, with cover art eschewing the generic tiny thumbnail look and instead being boldly on display. In an effort to cater for the increasingly tech-savvy generation of web visitors – a third of whom use mobile and tablet devices to access the store – the new site not only looks striking on desktop browsers, but also on mobiles and tablets.

digitunes homepage

The same curatorial edge will be the guiding vision of Folding Space, the niche label founded by Digital Tunes which will follow in the forward-thinking footsteps and underground currents of the music already available on their store. Relying on Marco Rodrigues (of Photonz and the label One Eyed Jacks) for A&R, and skilled visual artist and Techno performer João Ervedosa for all the artworks, Digital Tunes are set to take the online platform by storm with their uncompromising dedication to quality sounds and the ever-progressive future of digital music.

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